Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are based on the General Shipping Terms of International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) INC. The customer must read and agree to the terms of this contract before any goods are transported.

The first thing that they need is a bill of lading, which outlines who owns what or where it’s going on the ship. The customer is required to fill in the necessary information on what they want, and are responsible for labeling the contents of their goods. It is also important that any services rendered by Habesha Transport ship of the goods or justify that ownership for transport has been given or authorized by owner on those goods. The customer must comply with all regulations from any country that they are delivering too or coming from at customs barriers- paying taxes for shipment clearance in each respective nation.

The carrier may also charge additional charges for services like Customs clearance processing (surcharges) as well as packaging materials such as wooden slats/pallets or dunnage bags at destination points outside the US (e.g., Canada).

    •   You can’t transport  anything that is illegal  under federal law or by international treaties (for example                   drugs).
    •   We won’t be held responsible if any of your shipments are delayed due to weather conditions or any other           external factors not within our control.
    •   If a delivery fails due to incorrect information given by the sender themselves (e.g., what they were                    sending), then it will not be dealt with through this company’s services either! If in doubt about what’s                  required for this process then contact representatives from Habesha Transport who will be happy to                    advise you.
     •  It’s against the company’s policy to fill out customs paperwork for you, though they will provide all                      necessary documents if you ask.
     •  The customer will be responsible for any costs associated with their shipment.
     •  Customers must also confess that no unsafe materials are being transported (in writing) and the price                quoted  will always be borne by them at a legally valid rate – which they have agreed upon beforehand                 with company credit. If anything goes wrong during any of these steps then contact us immediately so we           may  help you out as soon as possible!
     •   All charges must be paid by the customer unless there is a written agreement from the company                         extending credit.

It goes without saying too that customs ports can have different requirements depending where exactly the shipment originates: again consult our team at Habesha Transport International Shipping Services, we’ll guide you through these steps.

Finally, if there was an error on behalf of Cargo Extra due to misinformation given by Total Quality Transport, we will bear full consequences of our carelessness and in some cases, even return the full payment back to the customer.